The sound of the 5th string defines the 5 string banjo.

  Our 5th string capo maximizes the banjos sound potential.  

  •    Patented Side-Tension design.
  •    Enhances the sustain and timbre.
  •    Engineering grade acoustic metal.
  •    NO sound deadening plastic polymer.
  •    Fast key changes and is Pitch Accurate™.
  •    No holes to drill in the banjo neck.
  •    Use with steel or nylon strings on right/left hand banjos.
  •    Available in bronze or stainless steel.
  •    If you have a non-standard high action banjo "Contact Us"

 News Flash! The Banjo Highway capo also works on a ukulele, see video below.

Customers have said...

"The capo works just as described and I am really pleased" - USA 2017

"I am really impressed, both with the capo, and the quality of your customer service. I have tried various 5th string capos and nothing comes close to yours for ease of use and quality of tone." - UK 2016

"I am extremely pleased. The capo is rock solid. I really didn't want to put railroad spikes in the necks of my banjos and this is a perfect solution." USA 2015 (Bronze style)

 "Terrific fifth string capo. I'm recommending it to my banjo playing friends." USA 2015 (stainless Style)

 "Sounds great and WAAAAY better than the pen top I was using - USA 2014

 "This is must-have equipment for all banjo players" - Canada 2014 (bronze style capo)

 "...fascinating and works just as described.  I'm delighted." - USA 2014 (bronze style capo)

 "I do agree that your capo sounds good!" - UK 2013 (stainless style capo)

  "Fantastic capo. I use it on three of my banjos... The best part is that I don't need to retune the string like I had to do with some railroad spikes." USA 2013

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Hear the Banjo Highway capo used by:

* CMC chart topping band Mustered Courage             

Performance by Salty                          

*  Professional Musician/Educator Paul Drummond

*  NEW Video * Ukulele Artist Jan Willems

Check out our videos below on How to Use It.