The sound of the 5th string defines the 5 string banjo.

Our 5th string capo maximises the sound potential of your instrument with a unique

side-tensioning action that enhances the sustain and provides a brighter timbre.

Other traditional capo designs are either dull sounding, cause the pitch to go sharp

and need retuning, "flop" around when struck or require costly installation holes

to be drilled in the banjo neck. The Banjo Highway 5th string capo solves these "historic"

problems with a modern, creative and acoustically better design.

Customers who purchased directly from us have said...

"This is must-have equipment for all banjo players" - Canada 2014 (bronze style capo)

"...fascinating and works just as described.  I'm delighted." - USA 2014 (bronze style capo)

"This is a quality product...I always wished would be invented" - USA 2013 (stainless style capo)

"I do agree that your capo sounds good!" - UK 2013 (stainless style capo)

"I've tried dislodging the capo...but it stays on fine." - Australia 2013 (stainless style capo)

"it's the only 5th string capo I've tried that doesn't require retuning." - USA (bronze style capo)

Customers who have purchased on USA Amazon have said.....

"Sounds good" USA 2014

"Sounds great and WAAAAY better than the pen top I was using - USA 2014

"Capo was as described and works well." USA 2013

"Fantastic capo. I use it on three of my banjos... The best part is that I don't need to retune the string like I had to do with some railroad spikes." USA 2013

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1 - 3 of 3 items